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Assembly instruction. 


Preparation of the surface

   To start assembling facade lining brick on the grid with the protective film it is enough to have the insulation installed on the building facade (foam plastics, slag wool), fastened with screw plugs.



   It is necessary to mark out the preliminarily installed insulation to maintain a horizontal setting; apply some paste for thermal covering, then make it even with a notched spatula on the area of 1-2 sq.m. Take one module of the bricks on the grid (0,47 sq.m) and attach it to the preliminarily pasted facade area. Press it. The paste must appear between joints through the grid. Distribute it along the joint.
Paste other modules, which are required to fill the preliminarily pasted area.


Peculiarities of the modules placing

   Bricks on the grid are glued in such a way so the module may be joined by mortise and tenon, considering 10mm joint. Due to this, there is created a bond. However, to avoid possible horizontal cracks along the joint, modules must be assembled having displaced them in 2 courses vertically.



   You may grout the facade lining bricks on the grid with protective film using the same grout that was used when pasting. MANDATORILY! on the same day it was assembled. That is why the area for pasting the bricks must be defined considering the time required for grouting. It is a rigid must!!! If according to the design, the colour of the grout differs, you may colour the grout using a corresponding dye or use a special ready-made grout for grouting bricks or tile, which is suitable for the external work.
   After the joint gets dry to 50-75%, it is necessary to run along it with a special taping knife or a tube to remove extra thickness and create a channel, the way the bricks appear more than the joint. It will create an effect of a brickwork setting and will make the removal of the protective film easier. 


Removing of the protective film

   The protective film must be removed from the bricks after grouting is finished and the joints have already been treated (the channel is created See a video) the following day when the grout gets dry to avoid the pollution of bricks with fresh mortar.


Temperature and weather conditions appropriate for the assembling. 

   As any other facade works, the assembling of bricks on the grid with the protective film may not be performed on a sunny side of the facade and at the temperature exceeding 25°C. High air temperature primarily influences on the speed of drying of the adhesive solution, and as long as it is usually based on cement slurry (except for acrylic), it has not got enough time to become solid and it may lead to emptying the joint and loosing of everything that has been pasted. Besides, it is not recommended to work at low and subfreezing temperature to avoid freezing of water in the adhesive solution.


Processing after the assembling

   After the removal of the protective film from the face side of the brick surface, it needs not to be covered with any additional protective substances. All the things needed have already been added to the brick base.


Processing of jambs

   As long as a brick is flexible it is easy to bend at an angle of 90°. To finish the horizontal jambs, frame heads/arches, beams the bricks need to be assembled vertically.


Basic faults when assembling

  •    To paste facade lining brick on the grid with protective film on a big area simultaneously without removing and spreading the paste along the joint, which appeared and was left without grouting for the following day. It leads to drying of the mixture that has appeared from the joint and on the brick surface, which will further prevent from grouting and processing of a joint (creation of the channel). Besides, after the assembling the adhesive solution produce vapor and there appears condensate water under the film (which gives evidence of vapor permeabilty), it may result in falling the film off and will make the process of grouting EXTREMELY complicated.

  •    Not to process the jamb (creation of a channel) with a special taping knife, a tube or even a finger. It will make the wall look unattractive, as long as the joint will appear over the brick and the brick will seem to be embedded. Besides, a great amount of grout, which got on the surface of the protective film makes the process of its removal more complicated.

  •    To remove the protective film right after grouting when it is still fresh. It will lead to the pollution of bricks.


And so, here are the main rules of assembling. 

  • To assemble right to the insulation that was installed and pressed with screw plugs (possible without prior covering and pasting of a grid).

  • To assemble on a paste meant for thermal covering or the multipurpose paste for thermal covering.

  • The joints must be grouted using the same mixture they were pasted on or using a special grout for external work.

  • Grouting is conducted on the same day as assembling!

  • It is mandatory to process a joint (create a channel).

  • Not to assemble at high and low air temperature, in the rain or he sun.

  • It is always necessary to remove the extra paste from the joint and the brick surface when pasting and grouting.

  • The protective film must be removed after the complete drying out of the grout. 


with protective film

on the grid



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