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Frequently asked questions


   Bricks and stones that we produce are made based on acrylic polymer and silicones (the same as most high-quality facade paints and facing plasters). Materials that are in a brick: sand, milled basalt, milled bricks etc.
   Flexibility, such questions result from, is a temporary phenomenon, and in some time after the removal of the protective film, it disappears. The material becomes extremely hard and rigid, a bit plastic. 


What guarantee do you give to your products?

   Everybody means different things when asking this question.
   Do we guarantee that it will not come unstuck from the facade? It depends exclusively on the quality of the adhesive solution and whether there are followed the assembly instructions.
   Do we guarantee that the colour will not fade? The manufacturers of dyes give a 5-year warranty to their products. We also add milled natural components to the composition of our products. 
   Do we guarantee that bricks will not change their physical properties? Yes, we do. It will not get soaked, there will appear no efflorescence (there are no cementitious binders), it will not change its shape and will not crack. 50 years’ warranty.


Why do bricks have a glossy surface?

   The surface of the brick is matt. Only the protective film is glossy, however, it is removed after the assembling and grouting (after the grout gets dry and there is created a channel between bricks).


Clinker bricks cost from 260 UAH/sq.m. Why is it more advantageous to buy your product?

   Facade lining brick on the grid with the protective film 240 х 70 mm in size is sold in modules, which are 0,5 sq.m. each and they cost 300 UAH/sq.m. To assemble 1 sq.m. you need to paste 2 modules, not every single brick separately. It means you will spend less time to assemble 1 sq.m., and correspondingly less money to assembling because the master’s productive efficiency is different. Besides, you will save much money on scaffold rental (for multi-storey buildings it is much to the point). A big advantage is the availability of the protective film on the surface of our bricks. It protects against pollution during the assembling and grouting and speeds up these processes.


Can you make the colour of the bricks that I need?

   Everything depends on the number of bricks you order (from 1000 sq.m.). If the colour of the bricks differs fundamentally from those available in a shop. We can also change the percentage ratio of colours in mixes (for example, 50/50 or 30/70). We will have to reject the custom order of the colour if it contradicts our idea of the correct form of our products and in the future will look like subvertisement.


Does it fade?

   In the course of production of our bricks, we add dyes based on iron oxide and some natural milled components (milled bricks, basalt, chalkstone). The manufacturer of dyes gives a 5-year warranty to his products. 


What paste is used?

   At present, there is a great variety of high-quality pastes on the market, therefore you may take any paste that is applied to thermal covering or any multipurpose paste for thermal covering.


Is it possible to paste your bricks on slag wool?

   Yes, it is. Our products may be pasted on slag wool because the product contains silicone, which provides vapor permeability of the material (while assembling you may notice condensate water which appears under the film). Nevertheless, water absorbability does not exceed 4%.


Will there be any crack in the joints between the bricks? Is reinforcement sufficient?

   Modules are assembled being joined by mortise and tenon in a horizontal direction, therefore there will not appear any vertical cracks. To avoid horizontal cracks, we recommend displacing each successive module height along to 2 courses (see the Assembly instruction).


How to grout? What shall we use?

   Grouting of the joints may be conducted using the same grout the bricks are assembled on, or if according to the layout design there is specified another colour – the grout needs to be coloured using special dyes or you may use a ready-made grout of the corresponding colour meant for external work.


What size is your brick? Is it possible to produce a custom-designed size?

   Our shop offers two collections of bricks - Classic Brick (240х70mm) and Long Brick (490х40mm). Especially for you, we can develop a custom-designed format you need (from 1000 sq.m.).

What materials are used in your bricks? Is it an asphalt board? Is it a linoleum?

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